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Who are our highly sensitive children? Might they be visionaries? This is the question I ask myself every morning. Why does my son fall to the floor with fatigue and a low mood if we can’t find the ‘right’ thing to do? Why is my son so sound sensitive that I sometimes don’t dare speak but when he is having fun and in his ‘zone’ he hardly seems to be aware of external stimulus at all?

In this book I have tried to explain exactly what the needs of a budding visionary are and have given you lots of ideas and practical suggestions as to how you can help your child to meet these needs. There is no formula but I hope I open your eyes to a fresh look at how amazing our Highly Sensitive Children are and give you inspiration and a sense of hope as you take on the challenge!

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Our life experiences create patterns in our bodies. Depending on our experiences these can be positive patterns of negative patterns.

How do you know what patterns you hold in your body? How do you know how these patterns are affecting you? How can you change any unhealthy patterns for healthy ones? 

The Beauty of Vulnerability answers these questions and more and helps you along the road to become more healthy, happy and fulfilled

"I found it to be factual and truthful and helpful. I also like that you don't claim this knowledge as your own. You present these as your insights but it's not yours. You are sharing ways and opening paths for others to arrive at the same conclusions." Frank     



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The person who accepts they are human is more free than the person who is trying to be spiritual. And the person who surrenders is more free than the person who tries to control their destiny.

“Brilliant book! In this honest account of her life and journey with God, Jennie’s natural vulnerability and openness shines through inviting the reader to share the possibility that there is something more meaningful ‘out there’ for everyone. This is a book of hope that healing is possible. Her fluid and natural relationship with God is an inspiration and a refreshing insight into what faith in God can really look like.” Beccy Jelfs